Adjective Week! Day 3

What is the difference between English German students and German English students?

Well, if you look at the list below, you will see that Origin comes before Qualifier. That means that:

  • the first adjective refers to where the students come from


  • the second adjective refers to the type of students they are.

English German students - Students who come from England and study the German language

German English students - Students who come from Germany and study the English language

The order of adjectives is a bit tricky. Native speakers do it instinctively but if you are not sure, this list should help.

  1. Determiner - articles (a, an, the), possessives (my, your, his, her, its, our, their), numbers (two, a few, some), demonstratives (this, that, those, these)

  2. Opinion - beautiful, hot, old

  3. Size - big, enormous

  4. Shape - round, square

  5. Age - old, young

  6. Color - red, blue

  7. Origin - German, Japanese

  8. Material - wooden, metal, leather

  9. Qualifier - (Tells you the type of noun) evening dress, English student, 2-storey flat

Still unsure? Ask your teacher or click here for a free trial lesson at Ty-Jia.

Adjectives 3.png