Adjective Week! Day 5


Comparative adjectives are used to compare two things.

My pen is bigger than yours.

The flower on the right is more beautiful than the one on the left.

Superlative adjectives are used to compare one thing with two or more others.

McRitchie is the greenest place in Singapore.

Ty Jia is the best school in Singapore.


Most one- and all two-syllable adjectives with a ‘y’ ending

Omit the y. Add -ier/iest.   

  • dry/drier/driest

  • ugly/uglier/uglist

One-syllable adjectives ending with silent ‘e’.

 Add -r/st 

  • safe/safer/safest

  • wise/wiser/wisest

Most one-syllable adjectives  ending with CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant)

Double the end consonant. Add -er/est.

  • thin/thinner/thinnest

  • hot/hotter/hottest

Other one-syllable adjectives

Add -er/est.

  • tough/tougher/toughest

  • high/higher/highest

  • old/older/oldest

Two-syllable adjectives 

Some add -er/est, some take more/most, others take either.

  • clever/cleverer/cleverest

  • perfect/more perfect/most perfect

  • subtle /subtler/subtlest or subtle/more subtle/most subtle

Three-or-more-syllable adjectives

Add more/most

  • important/more important/most important  

  • expensive/more expensive/most expensive

Irregular forms

Sorry, you just have to remember these ones!

  • good/better/best

  • bad/worse/worst

Adjectives 5.png