Singlish or English 1

Living in Singapore, both Singlish and English are important - you might need Singlish in the market but standard English at work.

Over the next few days we will look the following :

1) how some standard English words have different meanings and usage in Singlish

2) some non-English words and expressions that are used in Singlish

3) a few of the grammar differences

To elaborate on the standard English meaning of the verbs in the image below:

  • drop - to let go of something and cause it to fall

  • fall - something that falls of its own accord

    (Drop can be used for both in Singlish.)

  • stay - used for short-term or temporary accommodation (e.g. vacations)

  • live - used for the main residence 0

    (Stay can be used for both in Singlish.)

Singlish 1.png