At Ty-Jia, we have have 4 main courses to cater to all your English learning needs.

01. Allgemeines EngliscH

Our general English course is for people who want to improve in all aspects of English. We have a little bit of everything in here!

02. Akademisches Englisch

In Academic English, we focus more on test-taking skills as well as English for academic purposes like writing essays. If you are interested in taking IELTS or TOEIC, this course is for you!

03. Englisch für das Geschäft

For those who want to improve their English specifically for business contexts, this course is for you! Learn about different levels of formality, how to draft e-mails and letters, give a presentation, and more!

04. Englische Konversation

Conversation English focuses purely on conversational practice. Come down, make friends, and let our teachers guide you!


Unsure of which course is suitable for you? Fret not! Simply contact us for your free consultation and trial lesson. Our trained teachers will advise you on the best course for you!