Simple present tense


  • Current general facts ( I live in Singapore. The police catch criminals)
  • Regular events (I eat bananas everyday)
  • Feelings/opinions (I agree..,  I apologise..., I promise)


Regular verbs: Use the base form of the verb for I/we/you/they and add 's' for he/she/it

Irregular verbs: There are no rules so you need to learn each one. Usually the he/she/it form ends with 's'


Regular: to listen

I listen

you listen

he/she/it listens

we listen

they listen

Irregular: to do

I do

you do

he/she/it does

we do

they do

Irregular: to have

I have

you have

he/she/it has

we have

they have

Irregular: to be

I am

you are

he/she/it is

we are

they are


1. Choose the correct sentence *
2. Choose the correct sentence *
3. Choose the correct sentence *
Write the verb in the correct form.
Write the verb in the correct form.
For example: I go to school at 7am everyday.