English Language Education

Phonics/Learn to read and write

  • Suitable for ages 3-7
  • 1/week; 2/week
  • Parents may join their children
  • Textbook: Jolly Phonics
  • Suitable for both local and international school students.


I use the Jolly Phonics system but of course each lesson is tailored to the individual student(s) and there are lots of supplementary games and activities.  We focus on learning the sounds that the individual letters and letter combinations make and on blending them to make words. Books are to be enjoyed and introduced early in the programme to encourage a love of reading.

In class we:

Learn sounds, read words, read books, cut, stick, write and do all sorts of fun activities to help us learn.



Students are always excited to share their learning with their families. Student will be given individually selected material to take home to reinforce what they have done in class. 

Homework might include:

Sound books

Word cards

Activity books

Activity sheets

Home readers


Further information

You can download the Jolly Phonics guides from the official website at language link below.

English  Japanese  Chinese


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