English Language Education

Free Level Checks

These tests are designed as a quick test to get you started. Your teacher will do a complete assessment and discuss your needs with you.

British Council

This test will give you your score in the same format as Tŷ-Jia. That is, Beginner/Elementary;  Pre-Intermediate;   Intermediate;  Upper Intermediate; Advanced.

Cambridge English

For this test you will need to convert your score using the following: Score 6-12- Elementary; Score 13-16- Pre-Intermediate; Score 17-19 -  Intermediate; Score 20-22- Upper Intermediate; Score 23-25- Advanced.

Free Study Resources

Australia Plus Learn English

Living English Series: A 42-part series of videos, focusing on everyday situations.

BBC Learning English

Go to 'Courses' on the top left and choose your level. 

Videos and activities with grammar and vocabulary references

British Council Learn English

Hundreds of resources, for all ages and levels.

Omongzu ESL videos

Grammar videos organised by level and grammar point.


A great site for reading news articles. Each article is available in different versions for different language levels. (Registration needed)


A vocabulary study app that every language student should have on their phone.  Go to Jayne's page to request access to class vocabulary lists.(Registration needed)